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My Work
Be Your Sisters' Keeper 


Violence is a strong risk factor for mental health and HIV vulnerability among women who sell sex.


This short film that gives voice to sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya: the violence they face, how it affects them and the ways they are coming together to address it.

Global Health Film Festival 2019

Can we stop FGM? #brutalcut  


Action Aid International launches its anti - FGM

( Female Genital Mutilation) campaign in a renewed fight to stop this brutal practice. 

Winner of Shorty Awards 2018.

Lullabies of Peace


Border conflicts between the Turkana and the Omo have been going on for decades - resources are scare, water sources are shrinking and government appropriation of land, means conflict is not going away anytime soon. This film looks at the roles of a few women in mitigating conflict. 

NHS Innovation film, Tanzania  


Tanzania leading the way on surgical mesh treatment  - surgical mesh currently costs the NHS thousands of pounds a year. Global collaboration with a Kilimanjaro Hospital in Tanzania proves to be cost-effective and efficient…and sparks an ongoing collaboration between the countries.

Zebu and the Zama


A film for IRIN, The Zebu and the Zama - Bounty and Bloodshed in Southern Madagascar, explores a vicious cycle of violence in which the dahalo murder those who get in the way and the zama seek out deadly “justice” on those they suspect of banditry.



Camilla is a filmmaker who strives to tell stories of our times through the eyes and voices of people she meets. 

Camilla began her film career in the edit suites of the BBC she then worked for various independent television companies, developing, producing and shooting a wide range of programmes for broadcast channels.

In 2005 Camilla moved to Kenya and has worked as a freelance filmmaker, producer and editor  - making films on a diverse range of subjects from refugees, migration, LGTB, women's rights, conflict, education and the environment. 

Her films have been nominated for various international awards at film festivals, including Oxford film festival, Women's International Film & Arts Festival, IDFA, Rory Peck Awards & a Digital Emmy for a short film about Shujazz.


Camilla continues to work for several clients including BBC, World Bank,  Al Jazeera, Ch4, UNHCR, Action Aid, Medical Aid films and more. 


Email: camillaturnerfilms@gmail.com
Tel: + 254 727 487 527